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Click: Ukropina welcomes you to new WSU Sigma Chi Centennial Chapter House website

Brothers, we want this website to be your one-stop place to go to plug in with bros and get all the information you need about building the WSU Sigma Chi Centennial Chapter House. We begin construction in September 2019, our 100th year at Wazzu.

As you should know, the Centennial Chapter House Campaign has, once and for all, made record-setting progress and fundraising. It's really not a new campaign at all. The previous efforts didn't fail at all: They simply pushed the ball farther down the field. We've brought together all the leaders from previous noble efforts into one, unifying effort to finally push us across the touchdown line.

Click around the website. See old photos. Send us your old pics to post. Examine the proposed architectural plans. See how much we have raised and who has donated.

And, clearly, if you have not yet donated to this current campaign, there's no reason to continue your hold out. Donors build buildings. Fence-sitters don't.

As Larry Culver says, "we've all warmed ourselves on the fire started by others. Now it's time for us to put our logs on the fire for future Sigma Chi brothers."

Give now and grab one of our ceremonial shovels at groundbreaking in September 2019.

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