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Sigma Chi leadership, left to right, Rush Chairman Baily Alvis, President Pat Summit and Vice President Jake LaRoque lead the 60+ men of Sigma Chi as we begin our second century at WSU, the oldest continuously operating fraternity at WSU, in a new chapter house.

Stay safer this fall...



  • 60+ men this fall semester.

  • Beginning our second century at WSU.

  • We initiate only men of good character and six other traits of excellence ("The Jordan Standard").

  • State of the art fraternity.

  • House bill is on par with other fraternities and dorms.

  • The national Sigma Chi Fraternity is by far the leader.

  • We are a dry house - no alcohol - period.

  • Zero hazing - period.

  • Advanced Wi-fi system.

  • 15,000+ square feet.

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Everything you want to know about the all-new state of the art Sigma Chi fraternity chapter house at WSU and the men who get to live there

WSU fraternity summer rush 2020 is now underway and the Grand Opening to our magnificent new Sigma Chi house is set for August 8 at 2pm.

Demand to move into our Centennial Chapter House is so high that Rush Chairman Baily Alvis and his team will have space for less than 10 summer rush signees who can move in for fall semester.

Later signees will have to live in dorms until spring.


June 1 - Fraternities begin contacting rush registrants.

June-July - Sigma Chi Rush Chairman Baily Alvis and his team will engage with rushees and begin limited summer signing.

August 1 - Rush registration closes.

August 8 - Grand Opening party for the Sigma Chi chapter house. WSU President Schulz speaks at 2pm, From 3-6pm; tours and receptions for all fraternity and sorority presidents, friends, Sigma Chi alumni and their guests, undergraduate Sigma Chis and their proud parents.

August 9 - Sigma Chis and summer signs can finish moving in to the new house. All-day Covid-19 orientation for Sigma Chis and pledges.

August 16 - Fraternity Rush Week begins. Sigma Chi selects their top choices to pledge. Those pledging during Formal Rush Week have to live in dorms for fall semester before they can qualify to move into the new house.

August 24 - First day of classes at WSU.


Rush Chairman Baily Alvis, 425-583-2351, baily.alvis@wsu.edu


Jeff Burnside, 206-512-6544, jeffburnside@outlook.com

Attendance is free of charge and open to all Sigma Chi alums, parents, guests, neighbors and all friends of Sigma Chi

The Sweetheart

of Sigma Chi

Jade McShane

Sigs from the 1980's and 1990's get a close up look at the main floor.

Congratulations! Goals met, formal fundraising concludes

The $50,000 Beal-Pyatt match storms across the finish line

Give yourselves a big round of applause and a cold beer at The Coug.


The historic day is here.

Because of your generosity over the last three years, we have met all our goals by raising more than $2.4 million for construction of the WSU Sigma Chi Centennial Chapter House plus hundreds of thousands more during previous campaigns in 1996 and 2006..

Today, the Executive Committee announced an end to this phase of formal fundraising.

Next stop: Grand Opening on August 8th, 2020. Do not miss it.

Despite the devastating news of the Covid-19 pandemic, the $50,000 Challenge Match put up by brothers Rick Beal and Jeff Pyatt was met. For all those donations that came in during that period, Rick and Jeff matched each dollar for dollar.

It allowed us to storm across the finish line together.

All donors at all amounts will be listed on the wall inside the new chapter house. That list will be printed, mounted and distributed as the official final list in late July. So, we will gladly accept further donations until then, especially to help cut expenses of the Grand Opening ceremonies being planned by a special organizing committee. Donors will be listed in order of the amount of their donation but specific amounts will not be included.

Separately, donors at or above $10,000 will be engraved on the Hall of Heroes plaque which will list categories of dollars. That list is now closed and the engraving has been ordered.

More than 422 donors made this happen. And you've all graciously read our fundraising emails (only three brothers complained!). 

We're going to stay in touch. We thought we were building a building but we now realize we have created a close-knit community of WSU Sig alums of all ages.

With deep gratitude to every single one of you, thank you.


Tyler Nysoe

John Crawford Howell

Joe Winkler

Joe Still

Sultan Al Ramahi

Miles Kuntz

Ward Kellogg

Scott Lennon

Jeff Pyatt

Pete Hughes

Jeff Gilliam

Del Schwisow

Jack Harrison

Kyle Healy

Brad Fulton

Bruce Titus, Consul 1979

Ethan Stepper

Ben Doupe

Blake Helgerson

Trevor Paul

Jay DeNoma

Chase Jackson, Consul 2006

Vin Sherman, Consul 1966

Tom Benzel

David Grundstrom

Brad Sordahl

Wade Barringer

Owen Follette

Jeff Kraft, Consul

Jim Miller, Consul 1971

Bill Ukropina, Consul 1978

Ross Brownell, Consul 2001

Chris Carlson

Carroll Hayden

Paul Chally

Alan Rasell, Consul

Garith Krause, Consul

Greg Matthews

Pat Summit, Consul

Matt Nees

Mike Boutz

Sunil Brahmbhatt

Bill Jaquish

Rob Krause

Mike Nixon

Bert Pence

John Coulthard

Jason Houck

Taylor Matson

Jim Linstrum

Tracy Harris

Dave Helsby

Jeff Lightheart, Sr.

Randy Borden

Howie Neill

Jeff Pyatt

Mike Pirello, Consul 1989

Keith Robinson

Aaron Horner

Marallis Pederson

Bob Sherwood

Doug Kinzel

Andy Neimer

Terry Thomas

Jim Bergman

PJ O’Brien

Mike Shapley

Mike Augustine

Jim Sweeney, Consul 1954