Centennial Construction Camera live from Pullman!

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Less than $18,000 remains in Final Push $50,000 match

Rick Beal and Jeff Pyatt honoring all donors at all levels

Brothers and friends,


We've raised $2,413,819.02 million as of March 8, 2020 from 422 of us. Less than $18,000 to go. Click here to see the list.

Victory so close, you can taste it.

To end fundraising for construction and furnishings for our breathtaking new WSU Sigma Chi Centennial Chapter House, please give one final time - and get it doubled by the $50,000 Challenge Match from Rick Beal and Jeff Pyatt.

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After almost four years of overcoming obstacle after obstacle, and because of the generosity of nearly 450 of our brothers, the end of our primary phase of fundraising – that phase necessary to fund the construction and base furnishings to open the new house - is now within our reach. After 67 years of talking about it, we are approaching the end of this phase.


As you can see from the photograph on this page, after a 17-year absence, the four white pillars that were the signature of our old chapter house have now risen again!  How exciting is that?


The Grand Opening of the new Centennial Chapter House is August 8, 2020 beginning at 2pm in Pullman, and we hope you will come make history with your brothers.


Congratulations to these brothers who have recently joined the HALL OF HEROES at $10,000 or above. Their names will be engraved with more than 70 others in the Grand Foyer in perpetuity:

  • Bob Sherwood (1978)

  • Bill Jaquish (1983)

  • Sunil Brahmbhatt (1982)

  • Randy Borden (1976)

  • Eric Jarvi (1974)


A change in vendors has allowed us to extend the deadline to April 1, 2020 to join this prestigious group and add your name to the plaque.

Others have agreed to pay future pledges early to help us pay for the kind of furnishings and fixtures we want to provide the next generation of Sigs in the new house.  

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Tyler Nysoe

John Crawford Howell

Joe Winkler

Joe Still

Sultan Al Ramahi

Miles Kuntz

Ward Kellogg

Scott Lennon

Jeff Pyatt

Pete Hughes

Jeff Gilliam

Del Schwisow

Jack Harrison

Kyle Healy

Brad Fulton

Bruce Titus, Consul 1979

Ethan Stepper

Ben Doupe

Blake Helgerson

Trevor Paul

Jay DeNoma

Chase Jackson, Consul 2006

Vin Sherman, Consul 1966

Tom Benzel

David Grundstrom

Brad Sordahl

Wade Barringer

Owen Follette

Jeff Kraft, Consul

Jim Miller, Consul 1971

Bill Ukropina, Consul 1978

Ross Brownell, Consul 2001

Chris Carlson

Carroll Hayden

Paul Chally

Alan Rasell, Consul

Garith Krause, Consul

Greg Matthews

Pat Summit, Consul

Matt Nees

Mike Boutz

Sunil Brahmbhatt

Bill Jaquish

Rob Krause

Mike Nixon

Bert Pence

John Coulthard

Jason Houck

Taylor Matson

Jim Linstrum

Tracy Harris

Dave Helsby

Jeff Lightheart, Sr.

Randy Borden

Howie Neill

Jeff Pyatt

Mike Pirello, Consul 1989

Keith Robinson

Aaron Horner

Marallis Pederson

Bob Sherwood

Doug Kinzel

Andy Neimer

Terry Thomas

Jim Bergman

PJ O’Brien

Mike Shapley

Mike Augustine

Jim Sweeney, Consul 1954

      NEW: Take this video tour       

       inside our WSU Sig house        

The main floor is now in place! The dining room, grand foyer and library arise.

Sigs from the 1980's and 1990's get a close up look at the main floor.