Centennial Construction Camera live from Pullman!

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 Sigma Chi rush opens June 1. 

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"Grand Opening 2" set for September 11, 2021

but act immediately to get your hotel room

Our “Grand Opening 2” is set for Saturday, September 11th, 2021, a Washington State University Cougar home football weekend. And it’s gonna be a barn burner, boys, just like we promised you. You’ll final get a chance to enjoy our magnificent new Beta Upsilon Centennial Chapter House, named “the best new fraternity house in America.”


The pandemic forced rescheduling of last summer’s ribbon-cutting, remember? Well, we saved a whole bunch of that blue and gold ribbon so that we can all cut it together in unison. Bring your scissors (no really, we’re not buying 400 pairs of scissors).


Immediate action: Book your hotel room before they’re gone. No room blocks are available. So go to it right now. Best way to find a room is to use Trivago. We’ve cued up a search for you that weekend with this link. Click now.


Football tickets: They’re on sale. We expect to be securing a block of tickets as soon as Monday (we set the WSU record for block ticket sales in 2019). But buy yours now on your own, if you prefer.

Brothers, we set an all-time attendance record for our Centennial Reunion in 2019. This time, post pandemic, we want to break that record and,

while we’re at it, see if we can break the WSU all-fraternity record for a single alumni gathering.


We can’t wait for you to meet our incredible brothers living in the house during this historic and challenging year. They are heroes.


We’ll announce details later. But the gathering will happen several hours before a likely 2pm kickoff. There are already discussions of Sig golf on Friday, undergrad v alum basketball tourney, flag raising ceremony, etc. Lots of food and beverages, sign the Grand Opening Guest Book, meet the Centennial Sweetheart and more. Keep checking the alumni website: www.wsusigmachi.org Or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wsusigmachi


But right now, get that hotel reservation.

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We did it!

Our WSU Sigma Chi Centennial Chapter House is 'America's best new fraternity house' and officially open

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A special note from Campaign Director Jeff Burnside

jeffburnside@outlook.com or 206.512.6544

WSU has never seen a fraternity like this one. The first all-new house in a generation built by donations from 450 people.

It's being called "America's best new fraternity building."

We are now open!


SEE AMAZING PHOTOS HERE (download for free)

Thank you to all 450 donors. But I want to give a special thanks to all the brothers who worked so hard over 3-4 years to make the WSU Sigma Chi Centennial Chapter House a reality:

Executive Committee: Bill Ukropina, Brad Fulton, Brian Phair, John Hale, Howie Neill, Joe Winkler.

Supporting Committees and Individuals: Ron Cox, Jeff Pyatt, Pat Taylor, Dave Baker, Larry Culver, Tim Cooke, Terry Thomas, 

Undergraduate Consuls: Pat Summit (2020), Stephen Bone (2019), Michael Birmingham (2018), Brady Johnson (2017), plus current Pro Consul Jake LaRoque and House Manager Grant Kinzer.


Rush Chairman Baily Alvis, 425-583-2351, baily.alvis@wsu.edu

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Grand Opening banner 2.jpg
March 2020 Grand Foyer wide angle new ra
March 2020 Brick east wall.JPG
March 2020 bricklayer.jpeg
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Roof trusses and flags.jpeg
Grand Entry rear wall Oct 2019.JPG
Jan 1 2020 kitchen grab.png
Front of house no equipment modest treat
March 2020 Floor cement pour.jpg
Grand Entry Oct 2019.JPG
Jan 1 2020 Grand Entry grab.png
Trusses hoisted flag cropped.png

Sigs from the 1980's and 1990's get a close up look at the main floor.