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We love Sigma Chi parents!

We're so proud to have your son among our beautiful brotherhood for a lifetime. He now has access to significant scholarships, personal and professional mentoring locally and nationally, the most advanced character and leadership training in all the fraternity world, and a life time of closeness he'll find nowhere else.

COSTS: Did you know that this magnificent house is NOT the most expensive fraternity?! It just looks that way. In fact, it is less expensive to live in the new Sigma Chi house than dorms and apartments and nearly all single family houses when you factor all the costs such as parking, security and damage deposits, wifi and cable, kitchenware and furniture, laundry and food costs. Further, all brothers who move out of the house must pay a live-out fee every semester, with no exceptions. Want details on costs? Just ask. If you hear someone say a brother has moved out of the house to save money, it is a false presumption. And remember, in an apartment or single-family house, there is no leadership to bolster a safer environment.

BENEFITS AND SCHOLARSHIPS: When a young man chooses to become a member of Sigma Chi, he has access to unparalleled opportunity for more than $115,000 in scholarships, leadership training, personal and professional career mentoring from seasoned adults, character building and learning people skills that will pay out throughout a lifetime. Read more about the annual Krach Transformational Leadership Training offered to any undergraduate Sig here. We say: Sigma Chi for college, for life.

LIVING IN THE HOUSE: Each brother is expected to live in the fraternity during his college experience so he can benefit the most. Some time ago, the undergraduates voted to require that each brother live in the house for at least four semesters. This allows him to gain from all those benefits and keeps his chapter financial viable. They are a group of men who are largely self-governing and must remain financially healthy on their own, just as they will in life. Those brothers who violate this chapter by-law or who fail to pay their live-out fee (most of which goes to WSU IFC dues and national Sigma Chi member dues) will be fined, taken to collections and/or have their membership revoked for reneging on their oath and contract. Conversely, those brothers who have gained the most from Sigma Chi are those who have lived in the house all four years during college and continue their Sigma Chi experience all through life. After graduation, they will have many years to live in an apartment - but only four years to live and experience a college fraternity, especially the largest and best one in all the fraternity world.

HAZING: We don't haze. We don't have stupid traditions. We have strong alcohol restrictions in place as well as a longstanding culture against abusing hard alcohol. In fact, Sigma Chi has been a leader among fraternities in these areas for many years. And we're proud of that.

PARENTS CLUB: You are also invited to join the WSU Sigma Chi Parents page on Facebook. Click here. It's run by Sigma Chi Parents Club chief Miranda Alvis. She's easy to reach on the Facebook page.

We can't wait to meet you and talk about this incredible opportunity your son now has. You can also read more about our national Sigma Chi Fraternity and the Sigma Chi Foundation at


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