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The not-s0-secret message behind Gordy Davis' legendary Sigma Chi speech to undergraduates

Significant Sig and Hall of Fame inductee Gordy Davis (Washington State University 1968) gave his legendary speech to Beta Upsilon undergraduates during the Honors Dinner last Saturday, October 15, 2022. His message is very simple:

"Just remember KYEOTJSAYHOOYA," he said to an intrigued audience of 75. "That stands for 'Keep Your Eyes On The Jordan Standard An Your Head Out Of Your Ass.'"

Laughter erupted. Message delivered.

Gordy is our most successful Beta Upsilon alums and one of our strongest leaders. His $250,000 donation to build our new $6.5M Centennial Chapter House was not only our largest but the building was dedicated in his honor.

After a successful career in several college faculty positions, Gordy risked everything to start a company that began a whole new industry: Bringing the expert into the classroom first via video and then online. CEV Multimedia was sold in 2021 and now Gordy 

JPEG image-6E75138F44BD-1.jpeg

Gordy Davis delivers his Hall of Fame speech: "KYEOTJSAYHOOYA."

is focusing full time on philanthropy through the Gordon and Joyce Gordon Foundation. Even before the creation of his foundation, he's already donated nearly $70M to various universities. But Gordy's gift goes well beyond money. His leadership and swagger are the key 

ingredients of success for nearly anything he does.

He recently published a book about the life lessons from his great grandfather. Learn more here.


Gordy's card he handed out at the Honors Dinner stands for "Keep Your Eyes On The Jordan Standard An Your Head Out Of Your Ass."

Gordy looking at his wall mounting.jpg

Gordy takes his first look at his Hall of Fame mounting.


Gordy gets some laughs from the new initiate brothers after telling them about his most prized possession: His trophy from the Miami Triad competition  for "PFD"


Gordy shares more stories with new initiate brothers during a reception in the Erik Morgan Library. Some of the stories were actually true.


Gordy fist pumps some new initiate brothers after teaching them about "KYEOTJSAYHOOYA."

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