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A powerful, new "Declaration of Care"

Unprecedented document codifies shift in

"Culture of Maintenance" for new house

from undergraduate brothers

ranking among top fraternities at WSU

A document unlike any seen in 99 years of Sigma Chi at WSU has been signed by Consul Braden Johnson on behalf of all undergrad members and pledges.

The "Declaration of Care" codifies a "culture of care" for the new Centennial Chapter House "on the day the doors open" in 2020.

Trashing a new chapter house has long been a concern for alums, however unfounded. This "Declaration of Care," with its mechanism to expel brothers or pledges who fail to properly care for the new house, removes those alumni concerns.

Brady, a senior communications major from Portland, said "We want our Sigma Chi alumni brothers to feel proud, and confident that they can bring their families through our doors." Brady

signed the document at the summer fundraising reception at John Hale's home on Lake Washington in Seattle and then commenced a statewide tour to present the declaration to alums at receptions in support of the Centennial Chapter House Campaign.

Under the new house rules, enshrined in chapter by-laws, each pledge and member is required to sign a commitment letter describing care and maintenance, which becomes the daily responsibility of not just pledges but members too.



Consul Braden Johnson tours the state telling receptive Sig alums everywhere about the new "Declaration of Care."

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