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We purchased an autographed photo of Harland Svare and will be placing it in the chapter trophy case in the Morgan Library. Below is a clipping from The Evergreen describing Harland Svare's playing style.

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This brother was a stud!

Beta Upsilon's Harland Svare was star for Cougar football and made NFL history

Like all the rest of us, Harland Svare washed dishes in the WSU Sig house. But he also became a star Cougar football player. Then, in 1953, he got drafted into the NFL by the Rams, and traded to the Giants just in time to play in the NFL Championship game, precursor to the Super Bowl.

That was not enough for Harland.

Immediately after his playing days, he became an assistant coach and rose to Head Coach of the Rams, setting the record for the youngest NFL coach of all time - broken only recently by Rams coach Sean McVay, also a Sig.

We lost Harland in summer of 2020, just prior to the Grand Opening of the Beta Upsilon Centennial Chapter House. It would have been amazing to have had him come back for a visit like so many hundreds of us did.

A nomination for Harland into the new Beta Upsilon "Hall of Fame" is being prepared under the Chapter Eternal category.

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