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Morning at Sigma Chi clean w girl FINAL.


   JUNE 20, 2019   

The Centennial Club

The on-going heroes supporting Beta Upsilon

Sigma Chi at Washington State University

Keeping the light on...forever


 Pasco High School 1978 

 Rockin' Rod on the Rodio 

 Sigma Chi Pledge Class 1979 

 WSU Broadcasting 1982 


 KIVI TV Boise, KOIN TV Portland

 KSTW TV Tacoma-Seattle 

 WhiteCross Communications 

 95 KJR, KVI Seattle 

 KSTP TV Minneapolis 

 Golf for the Gift founder 

 Game On! RodMedia 

 Taste of the NFL 

 10-time Emmy Winner 

Let's do it for all the Sigs who came before us. 

Honoring the past and the future by donating now

If the brothers who gathered in 1919 to open our original chapter house could look into the future to see in 2019 what we're doing with our new Centennial Chapter house, they'd be thrilled. We are carrying the torch they past down through the generations. As Brother Larry Culver has said, "we've all warmed ourselves on the fire started by others before us. Now it's our turn to add a log to that fire for Sigs who come after us." So please keep donating so we can fund the purchase, delivery and installation of all furnishings, chairs, beds, lights, desks, washer and dryers, library and chapter room amenities, landscaping, courtyard features, interior and exterior lighting, our Sigma Chi yard sign and much, much more.

In a hundred years, maybe they'll be writing about us, our character and our generosity.

Just visualize opening day August 2020 when you walk through that door and see what you helped to fund. What a joy it will be. Do it for the guys shown on this page. Do it for future Sigs. Do it for your heart.

To donate to the FF&E Fund:

In 1919, our original Sigma Chi chapter house opened. Right: Chapter Founders and brothers gather in a Pullman church for the installation banquet.

ABOVE: Opening our first house in 1919 at Colorado and Monroe.

RIGHT: The installation banquet at a Pullman church with our chapter founders and first Sigma Chi Grand Consul John S. McMillin.

Reunion 2019 logo clear background.png

Registration is open for the largest gathering of WSU Sigs - ever. Brothers from all years will join our 100th birthday bash. If you miss it, you’ll be hearing about it the rest of your life.

SEPT. 20: Friday morning golf (email

SEPT. 20: Friday, 5pm-9pm, full dinner, drinks and fun

SEPT. 21: Saturday, 9:30am-noon (for 1pm kickoff), full brunch, drinks and more fun

SEPT. 21: Saturday after-game party at the house (except with an evening kickoff)

Price for registration goes up August 1. To register, go to or call the hotline 206-512-6544.

Come see all the guys and check out construction of our new Centennial Chapter House

Reunion montage 2.jpg
Letter from Senator Lamar Alexander US f
David Allen MONK letter March 2019 grab.
David Allen (Monk) graphic.jpg

The latest bulletin from the committee on rebuilding the Beta Upsilon Chapter House has stirred me to make one more effort to send something, besides the promise to write a prayer of thanksgiving and dedication for the groundbreaking...

We monks do not receive a salary... At the moment, I can afford to send you this $50.

                                        In hoc, David Allen (class of 1952)

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 3.42.36 PM.png
Del Schwisow pic.jpg
Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 3.39.14 PM.png

For whom are we building the Centennial Chapter House? For the oath we took. "And if feels good!" says Del Schwisow ('61).

1952 declaration of new house.jpg
1952 house photo with roster and Val Jen
Val Jensen and Mary Ellen treated.jpeg


1952 Consul Val Jensen and his beautiful wife Mary Ellen (Theta) recently reminisced that the alumni declared 67 years ago plans to build a new chapter house. It's why Val, now 90, has donated and urges you to do the same until construction is complete and doors open. Go to

1952 Newsletter page 1.jpg
1919 Founding expanded 2.jpeg

One Saturday in November.


A BOOK BY jeff burnside

      Friday, August 27, 6-9pm. 1708 Hamlin Street, Seattle     

              Seattle Yacht Club appetizers and open bar              

          Hosted by Significant Sig Larry Culver (WSU '63)         



Awards: Frank Sig. Sig in 1997. 50-year Semi Century Award. Frank, Larry. 1971 cutoff. 


A Special Sigma Chi Reception

Ashley Woods, CEO of the Sigma Chi Foundation,

requests the honor of your presence to recognize

some special brothers who have brought favor

and distinction to Sigma Chi.

        Frank Blethen        

        Seattle Times         

             Virl Hill              

         Microsoft VP          

 Friday, August 27, 6-9pm. Program starts at 7:30pm.

Appetizers and hosted bar. Spouses welcome.

    Seattle Yacht Club, 1708 Hamlin Street, Seattle     

Hosted by Significant Sig Larry Culver (WSU '63)

  RSVP by August 20th to

This event can be moved outdoors. Masks requested for unvaccinated.


   Lt. Col. Doug Pierson  

       Marine Reserves      

SPECIAL GUESTS: The WSU Sigma Chi alumni team who led the campaign to build the new $6M Beta Upsilon chapter house project


Medallion-finalfile-01 copy 2.png

Heroes for a hundred years

In order of amount, asterisk indicates in-kind donation of significance

IMG_3179 2.JPG

Sean Alstott '11

Consul Nick Birklid '04

Consul Cliff Woodsin Haack '03



ConsulAdam Gunter '05

Consul Jason Lane '10

Consul Brady Johnson '19

Ethan Stepper '02

Jack Harrison '16


Consul Amedeo Gallucci '16

Maxwell Mielke '18

Maxwell Thon '16

Joey Burnell '02

Garrett Fisher '01

Consul Ross Brownell '02

Ben Harris '02


Kevin Jacobs '20


You kept our chapter going

Sergio Salazar '16


Robert Flatt '12

Justin Frank '02


Philip Grossenbacher '17

Troy Gamble '19


Kevin Knight '15

Luke Hansell '09're there for us again.

Trevor Paul '16

Patrick Summit '20

Baily Alvis '22


Aaron Reibe '01

Paul Garneau '13

Tony Larios  '15

Jarrett Gould '20

Consul Brad Wilgus '13



David Lee '17

Greg Wandro '15

Jerodan Dodge '14

Ryan Stuart '18

Richard Larson '19

Consul Jaime Girard '13

Alan Hartquist '15

Alex Tuck '19

Consul Nate Hyers '11

Alexander Shey '18

Jeff Gilliam '16

Consul Michael Birmingham '19

TAte Mitchell '19

Robert Summers '00 

Ryan Sadler '20



Jon Wendell '19


Brendan Smith '17

Aaron Deml '18

Evan Johnson '19

Joel Roeber '20

Ben Duarte '16



    $50,000 Challenge Match     

Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 7.43.08 PM.png

 Jeff Pyatt 


 Rick Beal 

 The Final Push! 

Stone background.png



ON THIS SITE 1928-2003

stood the old chapter house of WSU Sigma Chi. It's bricks embedded here.

Brother Ernest O. Holland, WSC President, founded our chapter in 1919

and lead construction of the house in 1928 that stood for 75 years. 

Brother John S. McMillin, the Fraternity's first national president,

presided over installation of our chapter November 15, 1919

at a house on Colorado and Monroe Streets.

Monument made possible by Brother Col Terry Thomas (1991)

and Roche Harbor Lime & Cement Co., once owned by McMillin,

later by Thomas' ancestors, where these limestone rocks were quarried

for the Grand Opening of our Sigma Chi Centennial Chapter House on

August 8, 2020.

Original house BEST SHOT.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 10.05.05


  65th Grand Consul Bob Joseph

Frank Slawson, Oregon Sig

Hailey, Meagan, Eric and Brody Slawon

   When the Grand Consul shows up for your initiation  

 Brody Slawson, future Coug

Gordon W. Davis

Eric A. Bolstad

Erik K. Morgan

Gordon E. Bjorg

Jeffrey B. Pyatt

Bruce T. Titus

Richard T. Beal

Bradford J. Fulton

Robert Thompson

Ronald L. Cox

Larry A. Culver

Hansell Family

Craig E. Angelo

M. Jerry Herres

Delroy H. Schwisow

Robert McConnell

Charles Mackdanz

Thomas Johnson

Garith W. Krause

Patrick L. Taylor

Mark W. Hayden

John C. Hale

Terry Snow

J. Patrick Nevin

Michael P. Oboy

Vern Rognstad

Robert L. Steil

David T. Helsby

Jack E. Harrison

William C. Ukropina

Joseph B. Winkler

Terry Thomas

John E. Mitchell

Linstrum Family

Jeffrey Kraft

M. Dave Burdega

Jerry & Georgia Camp

Robert Snow III

Mickey B. Portnoy

Brian C. Phair

Val Jensen

Howard M. Neill

Tracy E. Harris

Eric D. Schneider

David L. Wilson

Jeffrey T. Burnside

Sean P. Boutz

Michael S. Augustine

Timothy S. Cooke

Jim K. Klavano

Larry Ogg

Michael R. Shapley

Stephen B. Smolinske

Picatti Family

James A. Baker

James W. Sweeney

Sunil A. Brahmbhatt

Bradley R. Johnson

Richard L. Fangen

Thomas L. Hall

Owen J. Follette

Scott Lennon

Dennis K. Shelton

Ryan Lee Haines

John & Steve Ferguson

Carroll M. Hayden

Bob Sherwood

Brian R. Voortman

Bill R. Jaquish

Timothy E. Williams

Robert M. Allert

Greggory T. Anderson

Wade R. Barringer

Randall T. Borden

Roger D. Edwards

Scotty J. Getchell

Eric J. Jarvi

Albert L. Pence

Ralph Roberts

Keith A. Robinson

Robert Austin

David J. Baker

John S. Coulthard

Keith E. Himmelman

Gerald F. Buettner

James Lose

Steven J. Oates

Albert Solomon, Jr.

Robert P. Krause

Alfred King, Jr.

Michael Pirello

Donald S. Judy

Andrew  Niemer

Orman Johnson

Ward J. Kellogg

John Jepson

Samuel A. Vilhauer

Michael J. Boutz, Jr.

Christopher Dale Carlson

Nathaniel A. Hyres

Richard Barry

Jon S. Anderson

William E. Ebel

David A. Grundstrom

Arne J. Hall

Byron Henry

R. Kempf

G. Marshall Paris

Bradley S. Sordahl

Clyde Wooten

Michael D. Holliday

Michael F. OBrien

Earl J. Burdette

Michael C. Ippolito

Louis & Janice Champlin 

Jerry D. Reder

Michael Haight

Bud Purdy, Jr.

Nickolas A. Birklid

Joseph Lessard

Gordon W. Erdman

Anthony R. Ferrante

David C. Gregory

Brian K. Timmons

John R. Barlow

Richard C. Cormier

Michael J. Sullivan, Jr.

Miles M. Kuntz

R.J.  Sanchez

Vincent R. Sherman

Jason L. Lane

Jeffrey Alan Morrow

Terry L. Cochran

Jeffrey Davenny  

Chris J. Huber

Marshall Paris Insurance

Stephen J. Schoettler

Beta Upsilon Undergraduates

William Starks III

Steven Shearer

Norval J. Nelson

Mark B. Rowe

Kyle Healy

Peter E. Hughes

Charles Fitzsimmons

Dennis L. Pfaff

Curt L. Sandstrom

Isaac Griepp

Michael  Paino

William A. Rasell

Russ J. Young

John B. Frazier

Brent T. Gooch

Jeffrey R. Howard

Greg L. Matthews

Bryan K. Semprimoznik

Darrick C. Wright

Jeffery F. Clausen

David L. Hill

Mike Inman

John D. Lindgren

John C. Lofberg

Jeffery Meyer

Robert Neilson

Rolland A. Schmitten

R. Bruce Steele

Warren Villaescusa

Ross E. Brownell

Crane L. Chantrey

William J. Austell

Evan Morris

Grant Cummings

Dr. Harm Schlomer

Robert A. Flatt

Ronald Irwin

Brian Clark

H. Weston Foss

James Allen Gibson

Ernest  Kent

Tyler M. Kolbo

Jack Watkins, MD

Daniel A. Pass

Michael Conner

Arthur Schneider

Gordon J. Jackson

Richard Mayne

Dave Myllenbeck

David W. Kraft

Kip Harris

Eddy J. Yusen

Jeffrey J. Schuett

James B. Oftebro

William Nance, Jr.

Kip Fagg

Robert H. Gallant

Rick A. Huntley

James Fletcher

Ken Alexander

Alpha Phi Sorority

John Amos

M. Lamont & Karen Bean 

Raymond F. Bee

John C. Daley

Daniel DeBoalt

Austin Edward & Esther Dixon

Dale Dixon

Jerodan T. Dodge

Jerry E. Femling

Arthur Freeborg

Steven M. Fuller

Gregory D. Gorder

Cliff W. Haack

Gary Heinemann

Blaine Hood

Mike J. Johnson

UC Johnson Securities

David A. Kidder

Chris  King

Jack Kovacic

Mike B. Kruizenga

Jeffrey Lightheart, Sr.

Paul McKay

John T. McPherson

James W. Miller

Matt Nees

Raymond Noh

William T. Parker

Ernest N. Patty

Robert J. Pearson

Jon E. Pfister

Matthew D. Richter

Steven Alan Selvig

John Sibole, DVM

William Simpson

Julie Sostrom Sloan

Gene Spease

Stephen Speer

Merle Temple

Ronald Wildey

Michael A. Perry

Sean J. Allstott

Garrett Gluck

Richard M. Callahan

Doug W. Kinzel

Clinton Schenk, Jr.

John Severson, Jr., Ph.D.

Frederick C. Brayton

Robert Goulding, DVM

Spencer Davis

George R. Dunham

Michael Ewart

Harold Pederson, Jr.

Kenneth E. Dahlstrom

Daniel R. Frink

Daniel H. Ankcorn

Richard Ankcorn

Thomas J. Benzel

Craig Brannan

Aaron Cromer

Douglas Dehaan

Lawrence B. Evans

Garrett Scott Fisher

Adam David Gunter

Burton J. Johnson

Andrew Juris

Timothy W. King

Lamb Foundation

William K. McKenzie

Gregg R. Munro

Britt Nederhood

Brent P. Nysoe

Tyler G. Nysoe

Michael D. Rector

Terry Richard

Matthew A. Sanborn

William L. Simpson

William Simpson, III

Edward Sockerson

Jack Spithill, Jr.

Robert Youngs

Robert Johnson

Lee A. Webber

Paul S. Chally

Matthew S. Jarrett

Kimberly Gage

Benjamin C. Doupe

Dr. Gerald Hester

Jason M. Houck

Philip Mathison

Marallis L. Pederson

Robert R. Summers

Robert Wellington

Jake LaRoque

Amedeo J. Gallucci

Maxwell R. Mielke

Trevor G. Paul


Brian M. Anderson

David T. Anderson

Joan Carolyn Baker

Henry P. Carstensen

Jay C. DeNoma

Paul A. Filicetti

Benjamin Harris

Aaron Horner

John Crawford Howell

Damen Julian

Jack V. McKenzie

Scott L. Reader

Richard Thomas

Darlene Davenny

Robert Brazeal

Braden R. Johnson

Brice J. Dodge

David Angstrom

Vanessa Bailey

Rodney L. Dodge

Thomas A. Feldman

Edward R. Lindstrom

Ralph A. Luft

Frank W. Nance

Reese Rodriguez

Ethan Stepper

Joseph Still

Brad Wilgus

Justin B. Frank

Philip  Grossenbacher

Sultan Al Ramahi

Bob Cromer 

Kyle Gates

John P. Herres 

Robert Kuhn 

Dr. Russell Rowan

David Alfred Sorensen

Mike Nixon

Michael J. Afflerbaugh

Rod D. Alonzo

Kyle R. Arnold

Holly Elizabeth Baker

Merle Baldwin

Michael A. Birmingham

Joey F. Burnell

John Chace

Alvis V. Cromer

H. Crowther

Craig Currie

Chris Daniels

Darren A. Ehlers

John B. Hiller

Jeremy Frederichs

Troy  Gamble

Paul J. Garneau

Gordon Gibson

Jeff R. Gilliam

Jarrett M. Gould

Thomas Grimes

Alan S. Hartquist

Edwin R. Haskell

Mark Hemingway

Robert Holz

Chase E. Jackson

James Jamison

Robert Kipe

Annette J. Lane

Anthony  Larios

Richard S. Larson

James C. Lawson

Dave Lindquist

Daymon E. Marple

Richard S. Meyer

Tate E. Mitchell

Mikel Morrow

Charles T. Nies

Aaron B. Reibe

Sergio Salazar

Derik H. Sandstrom

Michael G. Small

Brendan  Smith

Ron Snyder

Ryan M. Stuart

Paul Stuart

Patrick E. Summit

Donald M. Thompson

Maxwell W. Thon

Jan Trojan

Bryan Zidar

Rev. David Allen 

Blake D. Helgerson

Mason Haupt

John Algeo

Jex Bjorn

June E. Crump

George & Catherine De Lap

Shane Cochran Fritz

Jaime F. Girard

Diana Lee Henderson

Lisa Tylczak Lavington

Lance Milton

Gary L. Pedersen

Joanne Porter

Curt Rider

Travis Tran

Alex C. Tuck

Greg T. Wandro

Kurt E. Wibmer

Chris Wood

Ryan C. Sadler

Jack Krivokopich

Joel B. Roeber

Alexander Shey

Tyler Boutz

Stephen O. Davidson

Kevin M. Jacobs

Evan M. Johnson

Mark Marquiss

Taylor Matson

M. Elinda Purvis

Jon Wendell

Sam & Elizabeth Lorenzen 

Baily Alvis

James F. Bergman

Aaron M. Deml

Benjamin O. Duarte

Kevin P. Knight

David Lee

Gail Blair

Elise Johnson

Margaret Kraft

Jo Simpson

Terri L. Kelly

James Shoemaker

John Ginn

Tony N. Pham

1982 Pledge Class of 'STEVE'

Helen Hawkins

Noah P. Phelps

You're invited to our most consequential day since our founding 100 years ago.

Grand Opening of the new

WSU Sigma Chi

Centennial Chapter House

"At last, our day as come. At long last."

August 8th, 2020 -

2pm:    Flag raising color guard

2-4pm: Ribbon-cutting ceremony

4-6pm: Reception in every room

4-6pm: Tours

4-5pm: Personalized photos

5:15pm: Past Consul group photo

March 2020 Front of house wide angle.jpe




Medallion-finalfile-01 copy.png
Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 11.23.57

Restoring Old Glory

The Beta Upsilon of Sigma Chi Grand Flagpole Initiative

Dean H. Edwards T:5 U.S. Army:WWII.jpeg

 CAPT Roger Edwards (1978) honors his late father and active duty daughter 


      CAPT NAVY (RET.)    





To honor a brother or loved one who has served or is serving, donate to our Flagpole Initiative:

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 5.15.43 PM.png

The Quarantine Lounge

8pm sharp, Thursday, June 11, 2020



Rob Angel

JPEG image-8FA003D5DEB5-1.jpeg
John Wayne Sigma Chi Magazine cover grab
Morning at Sigma Chi without TREES - 5.2



Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 2.16.07 PM.png

730 NE California Street

Pullman, WA 99163

Invitation mailing stamp indicia.png

The most consequential day in our history

since the chapter founding 100 years ago.

Brothers, friends, parents, neighbors, rushees and dignitaries;

Please join us for the Grand Opening of the first all-new fraternity at Washington State University in a generation. The state-of-the-art Sigma Chi Centennial Chapter House will open its doors and begin a new era in fraternity leadership.

Our Grand Opening will feature guided tours, ribbon cutting, receptions throughout the house, unveiling of historical artifacts, christening of a monument to WSC President Ernest O. Holland, Color Guard and the raising of a vintage Sigma Chi flag and a US flag flown over the US Capitol.


WSU President Kirk H. Schulz (confirmed)

Gordy Davis, WSU Sigma Chi 1971

SIgma Chi National President Steven Schuyler (pending)

August 8, 2020:

Ceremony                      2pm-3pm 

Tours & Receptions      3pm-6pm

730 California Street, Pullman, Washington

Covid-19 protocols will be followed

RSVP required:, 206-512-6544

Medallion-finalfile-01 copy.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 4.13.50 PM.png


Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 9.46.19 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 9.46.19 AM.png

 Recruitment Registration 

 Now Open 







 Men join fraternities. Leaders of men joining Sigma Chi. 

The new Sigma Chi Chapter House

IMG_4566 2.jpg


of Sigma Chi

The Centennial

Jade McShane

Medallion-finalfile-01 copy.png
Inscription Raymond G. Munns 1945.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 3.23.38 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 11.16.56

Raymond G. Munns

The original owner of this book

Just a short time after the end of WWII, a young Technical Sergeant learning Army radio operations named Raymond G. Munns inscribed his name in this

Ernie Pyle book "Brave Men." The farm boy from

Pomeroy, Washington had already fought four long

years in the Pacific including Guam and Iwo Jima,

where his little brother Ivan was killed after saving

four lives and trying to save a fifth.

Pomeroy map.jpeg
Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 11.00.59
R. Layne DeWitz, daughter of RAymond G.

Ray Munns' home in Pomeroy, Washington

Layne DeWitz, Ray's daughter, died just 35

days before her father

Ray eventually returned home where he ran an insurance company Obenland & Munns and had a very large family.In 2011, his daughter Layne died. In her obituary, it said Ray "was a strong role model and set the finest example exemplifying what integrity is." Just 34 days later, at 95, Ray also passed away. Ray was a civic leader and had a 53-year marriage to Shirley. This book made it's way to a small antique store in Pomeroy. Jeff Burnside purchased it in 2020 after which it found its way home to a place worthy of Raymond Munns and Ernie Pyle.

Media Group


Media Group


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