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The Conversation

How to talk with your wife about donating to the Centennial Chapter House Campaign

Many of us have faced this conversation. Others are not looking forward to it. Here are some thoughts.


Much of who we are came from Sigma Chi at a critical time in our lives. Our spouses may not be aware of this. Indeed, we may not be fully aware of it: Some of our character, our lifelong friends (brothers), our enhanced college experience, our leadership skills, our sense of self, our self governance, even our people skills.

We may not still be able to recite The Jordan Standard. But, at a very young age, we became aware of the importance of being a complete man. 


We tell spouses that we don’t expect them to truly understand our brotherhood. But it’s very real to us. This is not a college thing they saw in “Animal House.” OK, there may’ve been a little bit of that but, overall, Sigma Chi is different. It’s more profound than anyone on the outside will ever grasp.

So tell this to your spouse: "The man you married wouldn't be the man you married without Sigma Chi." They'll see it in your eyes.


We ask their trust in each of our decisions to give back. WSU’s Significant Sig Larry Culver says “We’ve all warmed ourselves on the fire started by others. Now it’s time to put our log on the fire for future Sigs.” Corny but true.

Clearly there are other important institutions that need our money. Yet your gift to a large institution may become forgotten. Giving to a community organization may mean the recipients will never know about your generosity. Giving to build a new Sigma Chi chapter house at WSU will make you a hero for a hundred years. Every young man walking through those doors will know your name and your generosity - and you'll be setting an example for him to shape his character far into the future.


If our spouses love us for who and what we are, we hope they appreciate our desire to donate to Sigma Chi. With this 100th anniversary approaching soon, spouses need to know two things: Those who have donated will feel the proud responsibility when construction begins next year, while those who have not yet donated will feel like we’ve let our fraternity down.


Giving back to Sigma Chi at WSU is literally who we are.


And now it’s all tax deductible.

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